Upcoming Events

Leadership Breakfast: Purpose Driven Leadership:  – April 24th

Join WICT NY for a conversation about purpose driven leadership with Tammy Tibbetts and Christen Brandt, co-founders of She’s The First, a non-profit that fights gender inequality through education and is building a movement of activists, student leaders, and girls who will be the first in their families to graduate from high school.

Young Women’s Leadership Network Brag Party – April 26th


Join us for a high energy morning spent learning the arts of self-confidence and bragging. Often compared to an executive coaching session, this workshop leverages the talents of Peggy Klaus, communications guru and author, as she leads all participants in strategies and techniques for communicating your worth. Volunteers are paired with high school juniors who are preparing for college interviews. At the end of the workshop, you will be more than a little impressed with yourself and the students. For more info click here.

Skills for Success: Holistic Happy Hour at MNDFL Meditation Studio-May 2nd

Join WICT NY for a Holistic Happy Hour at MNDFL, New York City’s premier meditation studio!  This year’s theme for WICT NY is, “Mindfulness Matters – Build your best life” and we are supporting this theme, by hosting a meditation session and networking event at MNDFL.

Skills for Success: “Ladies Get Paid” Salary Negotiation Workshop

It's time to get serious about closing the wage gap.

Whatever stage you are in in your career, whether you're negotiating for a new job or at a current one. If you are serious about getting to the next level and being paid what you're worth, there's no reason you should be leaving money on the table. Let's get you paid what you deserve!!!  WICT NY is partnering with the advocacy organization Ladies Get Paid and founder Claire Wasserman who will lead this dynamic workshop.

Previous Events

March 22nd – Multichannel 2018 Wonder Women Luncheon

Join us with over 800 of your peers as we celebrate the women at the forefront of the media industry! These media mavens have paved the way for younger generations of women in a multi-faceted career sector. The first WICT NY Career Catalyst Award was given out to Sara Clark at this luncheon. Learn more about it here.

March 14th – Skills for Success: Own the Room-Secrets of Powerful Presentations 

An interactive, impactful training workshop exclusively for WICT NY members from Own the Room. Check out the tips we learned on our blog!

March 3rd – Skills for Success: Create Your Blueprint : Vision Boarding Workshop

This full-day, guided workshop was a unique opportunity to focus and envision your ideal personal and professional life. Check out our latest blog post from this event!

February 7th – Membership Mixer 2018

WICT NY brought networking to life with fun ice breakers and insight on what it takes to up your game! Click here to see pics of this event! Check out our blog from the event!

January 30th –Let’s Talk Tuesdays: Prioritize Your Productivity

Habits like over-commitment, perfectionism, and constant multi-tasking may be doing you more harm than good. Check out our blog post recapping the strategies learned at this event to help you focus your energy for maximum success and productivity.

January 23rd – Mentor with Grace!

WICT NY volunteers worked the amazing women of Grace Institute to help prepare them to enter the workforce. Click here to see pics of this event!