Community Service is an opportunity to help underprivileged women and students reach their leadership potential by sharing knowledge about your career. Regardless of what level you are in your career, your time can make a huge impact! WICT NY partners with The Young Women’s Leadership Schools (TYWLS) and Grace Institute for Community Service initiatives. Click on the TYWLS and Grace Institute links under the Community Service tab to find out more about each partner organization.
2018 Community Service Events
Email Lisa Tisdale if you are interested in volunteering for the opportunities listed below.

YWLN Brag Party
May 20th

YWLN needs energetic volunteers to help teenage girls learn the art of bragging and building self-confidence! Peggy Klaus, communication guru and author, will lead all participants in developing important soft skills. This high-energy, experiential workshop provides insights, strategies, tools, and techniques for conquering the little voice inside your head that whispers self-defeating thoughts. By the end of the workshop, students and volunteers will know how to toot their own horn (in the right way, of course!) about the great things they have accomplished.

Volunteer with Grace Institute
Date:  TBD
After the huge success of our recent Mentoring Event, we are working on new opportunities to volunteer with the amazing ladies of Grace Institute.  Stayed tuned for more details!

Mentor with Grace! 
January 2019
Come help the amazing women of Grace Institute as they ready themselves to enter the workforce. Volunteers are needed to work directly with a small group of Grace participants to help them with the questions and challenges they are facing as they prepare to apply and interview for jobs.  This is a great way to share your experiences with a very deserving group of hard working women!



YWLN and Grace Institute also offer other Community Service events throughout the year. Click on the TYWLS and Grace Institute tabs for more information.


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