All Virtual in 2021!

The MENTORING CIRCLE is WICT NY’s group-based mentoring program for current WICT NY members with five years or less experience in the cable industry.

Approximately 12 mentees are selected each year to participate in monthly virtual sessions led by industry leaders. 


  • Share your experiences in a comfortable and interactive group setting

  • Make valuable connections with other industry professionals

  • Learn key career-building skills from senior industry colleagues

  • Get a head start with tips on avoiding early career pitfalls

Learn about WICT’s seven touchstones of leadership:

  • Know Yourself

  • Communicate

  • Listen

  • Connect

  • Be a Catalyst

  • Be Fearless

  • Inspire

Who Can Participate?

  • WICT NY members with five years or less of experience, preferably in the cable/telecommunications industry and below director level.

  • Submit a statement of support from your supervisor indicating that you have your company’s approval to participate in the program.

What Can Participants Expect?

  • WICT NY will select approximately 12 mentees to participate in each of the virtual group sessions.

  • WICT NY will recruit approximately 6 pairs of mentors to co-lead the group sessions.

  • All mentees and mentors will have additional opportunities to meet with the whole group virtually.

What is the Time Commitment?

  • The Mentoring Circle runs for about 7 months beginning in March

  • Mentees commit to about one virtual session per month

  • Mentors commit to at least one virtual session during the term

The application process for 2021 is now closed.

Check out what Mentoring Circle Alumna had to say about the program!

Jenna Beneski (Sales Engineer, Comcast Technology Solutions)
I’m grateful for the WICT Mentoring Circle Program. I had a wonderful experience and I learned so much.  Even though 2020 is an unorthodox year for the program, I still feel my relationships with these women, mentors and mentees alike, is as tangible as it ever could have been. There were so many elements that I found of value, but I actually think the concept of Fear Setting was my favorite.  I love anything that can help me look at my goals from a new perspective.  

Jessica Mantas (Supervising Editor/Producer, iN DEMAND)
The WICT Mentoring Circle is a truly rewarding and invaluable experience. It examines the WICT Touchstones which provides you with the resources you need to develop and improve your management and leadership skills, and to grow within your profession. The WICT Mentoring Circle allows you to be mentored by extremely intelligent and established women within the Telecommunications industry who bring their own personal experiences and wisdom in order to provide guidance. While offering guidance, advice, and valuable insights to one another, members of the WICT Mentoring Circle provide support and encouragement, allowing the mentors and the mentees to walk away with important lifelong connections.

Melanie Graves (Project Manager)
I LOVED being part of the Mentoring Circle! Not only did we get amazing guidance and advice from female industry leaders, but also the added bonus of getting support and camaraderie from the other women in the group. Through the Mentoring Circle, I gained so much confidence and knowledge–it is truly a tremendous opportunity!

Lauren Crumpecker (Manager, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.)
The Mentoring Circle program was a rewarding experience that helped strengthen my professional skills, build my personal brand, and form valuable relationships with an incredible group of fearless women. I enjoyed listening and learning from the mentors and mentees in my industry, some of whom were experiencing or had experienced similar career accomplishments and obstacles. Together we empowered each other to set goals to advance our careers. I learned effective ways to improve my communication skills, gain more confidence in the workplace, take professional risks, and most importantly was inspired! I’m very appreciative of this unique opportunity, and for the new friends and connections I’ve built through this program.

Jennifer Moon (AMC & Sundance)
Each Mentoring Circle session was an open forum for discovery, expression and connection. By participating, I developed a stronger sense of our business because my fellow mentees represented a cross-section of the industry. Communicating with these intelligent women and learning from the forthcoming mentors has led to lasting relationships built on mutual respect.

Grace Chung (IFC)
Every session of the WICT Mentoring Circle granted me the opportunity to speak with thoughtful, engaging women from all different levels and fields of the industry. I ended the program with new perspective on my career goals and work style, as well as an appreciation for the rising talent in the cable TV world.

Madeline Langlieb (Food Network)
The Mentoring Circle was the perfect forum to discuss strategies for career advancement with like-minded women. If you have the opportunity to be a part of the circle, do not pass it up!

It was valuable to hear about the goals, successes, and struggles that women in my industry experience. The Mentoring Circle provided the perfect opportunity to discuss all of these topics in a productive and intimate setting.

I admired all of the mentors who shared their career timelines with us. The mentors were honest and heartfelt and they were open books when it came to answering mentees’ questions.

Alexis Michalakis (Music Choice)
By the end of my time with the Mentoring Circle, I was able to see the impact the program had on me—not only had my professional confidence improved, but I had moved onto the next phase in my career, a transition that these sessions helped me with. I also very much enjoyed the multiple mentors structure of the Mentoring Circle as opposed to us each being assigned an individual mentor—it was refreshing to get different points of view and to also have a shared set of experiences with my fellow mentees.

Plus, thanks to the Mentoring Circle, I now have a network of great women to grow within the industry together and a guaranteed support system throughout our respective careers. I’m very proud to have been a part of this program and I highly recommend it for those currently considering applying!

Caitlyn Raftery (iN DEMAND)
One of the things I enjoy most about WICT is that I get to meet and mingle with women at all stages of their careers. In the Mentoring Circle it was the opposite, my group was made up of other women who were all at similar stages in their careers. We all had different job titles and roles, but we faced similar career challenges. We were great sources of advice for each other. This created a great sense of camaraderie within our group. We were there for each other, and week after week we grew closer.

The Mentoring Circle was an amazing experience, and I wish it never had to end! Our circle tries to keep in contact as much as our busy schedules allow, and I have a much stronger network as a result. I would recommend this program to anyone who enjoys being a part of WICT.

Kari Ickert (ANATOMY)
The Mentoring Circle program has been an incredibly valuable experience for both my professional and personal development. Honing in on each of the seven WICT Touchstones gave me the opportunity to dig deep into my assets and learn how I can best work with others below, above and at my level.

The best thing about the program? I got to meet eleven future industry female leaders who have faced many of the same successes and challenges in their careers as I have. It’s comforting to have such an inspiring group of young women at arm’s length to help you through the jungle gym of the industry. I highly recommend the Mentoring Circle!


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