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WICT NY provides valuable learning and development programs designed to reach all of our members, no matter where you are. Over the course of a year, WICT Global and the NY Chapter offer several live webinars on a range of topics.

Tech It Out: The Paradigm Shift in Consumer’s Appetite for OTT Content

We explored the OTT landscape and its continued growth, the impact of audience targeting and the internet-enabled distribution that delivers personalization straight to the consumers home.

  • The future of connectivity and how it will fuel OTT market expansion
  • Redefining the consumer experience with content discovery and optimal user experience
  • The Rise of OTT data-driven targeting post-pandemic
  • Lockdown streaming; the new norm driving major shifts in viewing behaviors during COVID-19 Pandemic

Panelists: Regina Breslin, Andrea Clarke-Hall and Carolyn Kang





















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Leadership Series: On Her Court with Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Tracy Austin

Join WICT NY and WISE NYC Metro as Sports Analyst, Mary Carillo, sits down with TennisChannel Analyst and youngest-ever US Open winner, Tracy Austin, for a moderated Q&A discussion. Austin will share her tips for success and how to change the game in your own career, click here to watch the discussion.

Skills For Success: Wellness Wednesdays

We hope you enjoyed our WICT Wellness Series we launched in June. If you were unable to make the series or need a refresher, feel free to check out the sessions here.

Skills For Success: LINKEDIN: Navigating the Job Market in a Down Economy

Skills For Success: LINKEDIN: Navigating the Job Market in a Down Economy

Rebecca Vertucci, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn

In times of uncertainty in the job market, it may feel harder than ever to navigate new career opportunities, internally or externally. But even in difficult hiring economies, companies are still looking for great talent to help solve their business challenges. Join us in this live workshop as recruiting and hiring expert, Rebecca Vertucci, talks to us about the current state of the job market and what we can do to stay relevant and in-demand.

Rebecca has presented to some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world. As a Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn she has trained recruiters and hiring personnel on how to find and hire top talent and build their employer brands on LinkedIn. A founding member of the Women@LinkedIn organization, she helped elevate the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, building programs and workshops that focus on employee development. Rebecca is also the founder of The Vertucci Group and Career Academy, which provides coaching, workshops and online programs for career builders, entrepreneurs and corporate teams. Rebecca is frequently called on to speak at conferences, universities and corporations to bring her unique perspective and expertise to audiences around the globe.

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Skills For Success: Branding Yourself in an Ever-Changing Industry

Skills For Success: Branding Yourself in an Ever-Changing Industry

Terri Nimmons, Leadership Development Coach

A strategic, actionable discussion about your career as you move through 2020. When Q1 ends, be ready to reflect on and share your contributions and impact. In a changing industry (mergers, reorgs, promotions, downsizing, strategy changes), your brand is always in play.
Be proactive and intentional in how you show up and in managing your value proposition.  A webinar led by leadership development coach Terri Nimmons
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Co-produced by WICT New York and WICT Rocky Mountain

Getting the Most Out Of WICT

Getting the Most Out Of WICT

Mary Brennan: President of WICT

Join WICT NY as we take you through all the benefits that your membership offers. Featuring a special guest appearance by Maria Brennan, President and CEO of WICT Global.

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Skills for Success: Marketing Your Brand Tool Kit

Skills for Success: Marketing Your Brand Tool Kit

Rebecca Vertucci, Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn and Founder of The Vertucci Group and Career Academy

  • Your boss just told you a position is opening up in your company – is your resume up to date?
  • Are you using the right tools to showcase who you are, how you add value, and to tout your accomplishments?

These 2 webinars led by Rebecca Vertucci, Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn and Founder of The Vertucci Group and Career Academy walk you through how to build your marketing tool kit.

If you’re ready to feel prepared and confident to grow your career, these webinars are for you!

Rebecca will take you through the following:

The Personal Brand of You

  • Creating a resume that works for you in content & style
  • Crafting an effective LinkedIn Profile
  • Who should have a personal website
  • Tips on keeping your profile front and center and how to beat the algorithm

Job Search Strategies for 2019

  • What’s working in today’s job market?
  • How to conduct an effective job search
  • AI Technology – how to use Applicant Tracking Systems to your advantage
  • Building a network that packs a punch
  • How to use social media in your job search
You’ll walk away with a clear idea of the tools you need and how to use them to your advantage!

In the first webinar, Rebecca focused on personal branding and skills assessments to help you flush out your resume and profile.

Click here for Webinar Part 1!

In Part 2, Rebecca built on that foundation and talk about the art of networking and getting your foot in the door. If you feel like you are applying to job after job online and never hearing back… you’re right! Let’s solve that!

Click here for Webinar Part 2! 

“Ladies Get Paid” Master Networking Webinar

Missed the live webinar? It’s available here!

How can we rethink networking? In this webinar, Ladies Get Paid founder Claire Wasserman provided insights into ways to grow and leverage your network for new opportunities. Learn skills like identifying key people, authentically connecting, finding allies at work and more.

Takeaway points:
  • Mindset shift: how can we rethink networking?
  • Organize your network
  • Identify key people
  • Ways to authentically connect
  • Find allies at work
  • Set up informational interviews
  • Build a personal board of advisors
  • Scripts to avoid small talk

Claire Wasserman

Founder, Director of Programming Ladies Get Paid

Claire Wasserman is a career coach, dedicated to helping women thrive at work.

Claire has collaborated with Nike, WeWork, and Squarespace and was chosen as one of Bumble’s 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers. She is on the Well + Good Council, and is the producer and host of the podcast, Lady Talk.

Prior to Ladies Get Paid, Claire was the Director of Marketing a Working Not Working, a curated network of creative professionals. She was also the editor of Amaphiko, Red Bull’s platform for social entrepreneurs.

 Last year, Claire traveled across US hosting town halls for thousands of women to talk about money, work, and self-worth. She is currently writing a book about her experience.

Learn more about Claire at and follow her on Instagram: @claireloves_you.



Learn about opportunities to get involved in WICT by getting the most out of your membership including joining a committee, volunteering and attending future events. This year’s chapter theme will focus on Future Proofing Yourself. Take the steps to get involved today!

“Ladies Get Paid” Salary Negotiation Webinar

Missed the live webinar? It’s available here!

It’s time to get serious about closing the wage gap.

Whatever stage you are in in your career, whether you’re negotiating for a new job or at a current one. If you are serious about getting to the next level and being paid what you’re worth, there’s no reason you should be leaving money on the table. Let’s get you paid what you deserve!!!

WICT NY partnered with the advocacy organization Ladies Get Paid and founder Claire Wasserman who led this dynamic webinar.

What you will learn:

● Mindset shift to see negotiating as an opportunity
● Understand your market value (aka how much to charge and why!)
● Determine your bottom line
● Identify + prioritize things your company can give you that are minimal cost but provide value to you
● Framework to talk about your accomplishments
● Manage your manager
● Excercises to relieve anxiety
● Role-play scripts

Claire Wasserman

Founder, Director of Programming Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid helps women get paid what they deserve. They do it through monthly town halls, workshops, a private Slack group, and mentorship circles. Their goal? Teach skills that get us to the next level in our careers and close that wage gap. Claire Wasserman is the founder of Ladies Get Paid, a community builder and an advocate for women in the workplace. In addition to running LGP, she is on the Well + Good’s Council, coaches individuals and groups, and is a frequent writer, moderator and speaker at companies like the New York Times. Claire is also featured in the Sally Hansen global campaign, Shetopia. Claire is currently on a tour across the country, hosting town halls for thousands of women to talk about self-worth at work.

When the stakes are high for victory, they are often high for failure. Frequently we learn more from failure than success. Mistakes are simply part of the game of risk and sometimes we focus so much on the avoidance of the mistakes that we avert taking any risk at all. The real failure is when you avoid stepping out because it creates an inability to grow.

Leadership expert Esther Weinberg shared how failure can be the key to success. How do you fail gracefully and retain your reputation, relationships and trust? We discovered:

  • 3 steps for failing with grace and overcoming the emotions that comes with failure;
  • Communicating and positioning your failures and turning them into successes;
  • 6 strategies for targeting your determination after your setback for a greater win;
  • Overcoming the emotions that come with failure; and
  • Discovering your greatest lessons from your worst failures.

Missed the live webinar? It’s available here along with the corresponding deck.

Have you been wanting to ask for a raise but weren’t sure how to approach it? Not surprisingly, this topic is something a lot of professionals struggle with and WICT NY has the answers. Our webinar with Grace Blue Co-CEO Claire Telling will help you learn the skills you need to be a successful negotiator and advocate on your behalf.

As Co-CEO of Grace Blue, Claire has helped established the company as one of the most successful and trusted communications-focused search firms in North America. Along with her partners, Claire places executive leaders who are recognized for making significant impact on their company’s and the industry’s success in profound ways. In addition to finding top-tier talent, Claire helps her clients tackle the biggest issues facing the communications industry today, including diversity.

Prior to taking the lead at Grace Blue, Claire built a successful career in advertising working at agencies like BBH, TWBA\Chiat\Day and 72andSunny. She also held several client side roles, including managing the brand marketing strategy for British Airways in North America.

Check out the webinar and be sure to refer to this deck for more information.



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