WICT New York offers its members award-winning mentoring programs. Prime Access and Mentoring Circle provide an opportunity for networking, career and personal development, enhanced leadership skills, ability to leverage skills for career growth, and improved confidence in ourselves and our professional effectiveness.

Our mentoring programs develop relationships between the mentors and mentees based on shared knowledge and experience, trust, respect, and honest communication.

Mentoring Circle is a group-mentoring program for current WICT NY members with up to five years’ experience in the industry.

        Prime Access is for current WICT NY members on the Director level with ten years’ experience, looking to move their career to the next level.


The intent of our mentoring programs is to support both mentees and mentors in achieving their goals. Participation in the program is not an assurance of promotional opportunities. However, it provides an excellent framework for career development.

The programs are designed with these goals in mind:

  1. To provide the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship that will inspire personal and professional success.
  2. To provide mentees the opportunity to gain broader perspectives about their field of choice, values, norms, expectations, and behaviors, and how gaining these perspectives can enhance their ability to make productive career decisions.
  3. To identify and provide qualified candidates for promotional growth and development opportunities.
  4. Increase morale, job satisfaction, and confidence.
  5. Aid in retention and recruitment of employees.

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